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What is fibreboard?

2024-01-31 13:42:08

Density board is a kind of artificial board, mainly made of Pine wood or other plant fiber as raw material, by adding urea formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesive after high temperature and high pressure treatment 1. It is characterized by uniform density, smooth surface, not easy to deformation, cracking and discoloration, but also easy to paint and decorate. In addition, the machine ability of the density board is good, easy to cut, drill, carve and polish, suitable for mechanical processing and manual processing.

According to the density of density boards, they can be divided into low-density boards, medium-density boards and high-density boards. The density of low-density board is below 400kg/m³, which is mainly used for the internal structure of furniture, such as bed boards, wardrobes, etc., but its density is low, light weight, and poor strength. The density of medium density board is between 400-800kg/m³, which is a commonly used density board, suitable for furniture, decoration, packaging and other fields. The density of high-density board is more than 800kg/m³, and its strength and hardness are much higher than that of medium-density board, which is widely used in high-end furniture, construction and other fields.

Density boards are used in a wide range of fields, including furniture boards, decorative boards and building boards. Furniture board is a kind of board made of density board as raw material, mainly used for making furniture. Decorative board is a kind of density board coated with wood grain, stone grain and other patterns, mainly used for interior decoration. Building board is a kind of board made of density board as raw material, mainly used in the construction field 2.

However, the density board also has some limitations, such as its large weight, difficult to move and install, and the surface is prone to moisture deformation, requiring moisture-proof treatment3.